Save vs. Splurge

I’m so excited to announce “Save vs. Splurge” is going to be one of my permanent additions to this blog. One of my main goals is all about getting the look for less! It can be really hard because most of the times you have to DIG to find the good deals, but I have just made that 10x easier for you! SAVE VS SPLURGE  Today it is all about SHOES (literally my favorite thing ever).

  1. Steve Madden inspired platforms – It’s actually scary how similar these are and it is almost pointless to splurge. Sorry Steve.
  2. My all time favorite obsession right now. Gucci inspired loafers – I don’t know about you, but I defiantly don’t have and extra $700 to spend on shoes right now, so these $22 look-a-likes will do just fine. Sorry Gucci. (Order half size up!)
  3. Steve Madden inspired sandals – OK I am in full support of Target stepping up their shoe game. Sorry Steve…Again.
  4. Valentino inspired espadrilles – Yes, finally someone has duped my favorite shoe and for $30 you can take my money ASOS. Sorry Valentino.

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