The truth on why I left my blog

Wow it has been awhile! But honestly it was a much needed break to regroup myself. When I started this blog I really wanted to focus on giving women inspiration and joy! -especially those suffering with anxiety or depression. Somewhere along my journey, I really got sucked into the beauty guru world and was only interested in selfish things (sponsorships, collaborations, parties, etc). As I indulged in all the perks bloggers have, it slowly started to feel more and more exhausting. I was noticing I wasn’t putting effort into my post and they seemed….well, lifeless.

I decided to step away for a couple of months to really regroup and decided what was best for me. Yes, I will admit sponsored post are great, but it is so easy to lose yourself in the process. I’ve come to the conclusion that my blog from now on will freely be what I want to post! I most likely will be staying away from sponsorships for a while and honestly it’s for the best….

I’m so excited to make this step and get back to what makes me happy!

Goals and Expectations

Goals and Expectations

This has been such a journey for me and I am so excited to see where it takes me.

So originally I started out exclusively to Instagram. I grew pretty quickly and needed to expand my personality to a second platform. I actually started off vlogging, but as I was getting ready to go home and upload a video, my camera broke. I had to send it off to Sony to fix it which put my vlogging on a temporary halt.

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